Funeral and Memorial Service Information



You may speak with the minister at any time if you are interested in talking about a service for yourself or a loved one. This web site will also be of help with some pre-planning.



Our minister officiates at funerals or memorials, but you are free to ask any of our two ministers to officiate.  If you would like a guest minister to assist in the service, please make this request to one of the Official Board members or the minister.



The minister will want to meet with members of the family or close friends to plan the service and gain details about the person’s life story. This meeting may take place at the church, in a family member’s home or on occasion, at the funeral home that is handling arrangements.


The Service

The service may be a funeral – the celebration of life(which means a casket containing the person’s body is present) or a memorial service (with or without an urn with the ashes present).  A brief service of committal may also take place at the time of interment of the body or ashes at a cemetery or crematorium.


The service normally includes scripture readings, a short meditation, prayers, a time of remembrance about the person’s life, and often hymns. Family members or appropriate others may be asked to share remembrances or read scripture. An order of service bulletin will be prepared if desired. Greeters may be members of the church or family and friends. The funeral home will discuss pallbearers with you if there is a casket present.



Our Director of Music will play for the service, if available, and is open to finding appropriate hymns, music, soloists or instrumentalists to fit the occasion. If you would like a friend or relative to add their musical talent to the service, please feel free to discuss this with our Director of Music. For further information, please call the church office at 416-282-6208.



We are pleased to have receptions in our church following the service. Although we do not have people to prepare food on-site, our funeral reception coordinator will work with you to find appropriate caterers and resources.



For our members and adherents, there is no fee for use of the church. There will be an honorarium requested for the minister and director of music. These may be paid on your behalf by the funeral home or the family may choose to look after these personally.