Malvern Emmanuel United Church has continued a Christian witness begun by Methodists in 1864.  MEUC congregation established a covenant in 1977, which has remained the same. 

Malvern Emmanuel United Church Covenant

We believe that we are called by Christ to be a community of faith, in the Malvern community as:

- People united by a common vision;

- People brought together from diverse national and ethnic heritages

with varied religious traditions;

      - People open to include others who are not part of this community of


We are called by Christ,

To celebrate God's presence and actions in the past, in the future, and in the present, worshipping God as the gathered community;

To nurture people of all ages so that they may grow in grace and

To share God's gifts of ourselves, our talents, our time, and our riches with each other in joy and concern so that we may be a fellowship of believers;

To care about God's world and all of its people by the loving word and the deed of faith;

We acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ over our individual and Community life therefore, we are continuing to discover what Christ's Lordship means for us now and in the days to come.

We celebrate our relatedness to all people of good will, to all Christians of various heritages, and to all other United Church people.

We are open to God's changing directions for our church community's life and welcome the addition of other people who choose to grow in faith with us.