May 2, 2012

Summary and Recommendations

Malvern Emmanuel United Church (MEUC) at a board meeting in the spring of 2011 appointed five members of the congregation to the JNAC committee.  MEUC then requested that Presbytery establish a Joint Needs Assessment Committee (JNAC).  This request was made necessary by the resignation of Reverend Sydney Elias as of June 30, 2010 and the subsequent appointment of a Supply Minister, Reverend Eiko Hosaka, whose term began January 1, 2011.

Toronto Scarborough Presbytery established a JNAC group early 2012 where Presbytery representatives were appointed.

The purpose for the committee was to ascertain the future needs for Ministry at MEUC.  The members of the committee are as follows:


MEUC Congregation Members

Presbytery Members

Pamella Fell

Malcolm Spencer

Steve Warcop

Mary-Ethyl Morton

Christopher Narayan


Hyacinth Robinson-Powell


Winston Rookwood


The Joint Needs Assessment Committee met for the first time Wednesday, March 28, 2012.  The MEUC members subsequently had a meeting on April 4th to go over the first draft of its report and determine who will gather certain information for the report before it is presented to the Presbytery members.

After a review and analysis of the data collected, the MEUC members of the Joint needs Assessment Committee suggests the following:

a) A replacement for Reverend Sydney Elias.

b)    Utilize special events and programs to introduce the community to Malvern Emmanuel United Church and its members.  Speakers of interest to the community will be considered to make presentations on Family Communication, Teen Challenges, Parenting Challenges, and Nutrition etc.  Programs of interest to the community such as Yoga, Pilates, Line Dancing, meditation, Alpha program, etc. will also be considered.

c)     Increase membership through community outreach programs targeted at the population in new housing developments in close proximity to the church.  

d)     For MEUC to remain separate and not amalgamate with another church.



Malvern Emmanuel United Church is situated in the core of the Malvern community that comprises Ward 42, Scarborough-Rouge River, and is located on Sewells Road, west of Morningside Avenue, a main artery.  It is one of a "cluster" of churches, Presbyterian, Anglican and United, each within one-minute walk of each other.  There are several other churches located some distance away but within the Malvern area (e.g. Free Methodist, Free Presbyterian, Malvern Christian Assembly, Morningstar Baptist and Rosewood Nazarene and a Muslim Mosque and Hindu Temple).  The relationship with all of these is amicable and from a distance, with visiting events and services occasionally.

In the immediate vicinity there are Municipal facilities, e.g. a new library and a recreational centre.  There is also the Taibu Community Health Centre, a Newcomers office, Women’s Place, Job Centre at 1371 Neilson Road, the Malvern Resource Centre, Julliette’s Place Family Shelter, Wigwamen Waabnong (an apartment complex for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal households with 92 units), a Metro-run Senior Residence, Food Bank, a Farmers Market in the summer and the Malvern Community Outreach Ministry.

A large one-floor mall (Malvern Town Centre) also off Sewells Road is the focal point of community activities, which now includes a Fitness One women’s gym.  Toronto Transit Commission provides efficient public transportation in all directions.

Population and Housing

The Malvern Community is culturally diverse and predominantly of immigrants, first and second generation Canadians of various cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds.  It is truly a melting pot. There is a high visible presence of young people, teenagers and young adults. (See Appendices I and II).

The housing ranges from single-family homes, to town homes, apartment buildings and co-operative housing.  Malvern Emmanuel United Church is situated in the centre of this community.

Health Care Facilities

The largest teaching hospitals, Scarborough General and Rouge Valley Health Centre are both within ten minutes drive of the core of Malvern. A third hospital, Scarborough Grace, at the north-western end and a new Extendicare complex at the eastern limits on Sheppard Ave. East also provide health care for the area.

The Taibu Community Health Centre opened in 2009 in Malvern.  It is a multidisciplinary, non-for-profit, community-led organization that serves the residents of Malvern with a specialized focus on the Black Community across the GTA. 

Educational Facilities

Eight elementary schools and two secondary schools, one Public, the other Separate, are located in the immediate vicinity of the Church.

Physical Facilities-Property

The church building is an average sized single-story structure; gas heated, in good condition, and provides seating accommodation in the sanctuary for 150 people.  There is a fellowship hall and limited office space.  Three other congregations share the space in the building.

There is a paved parking lot to accommodate 100 cars and adequate vacant land space for future development. The property is under care of T.U.C.C.

The parking lot needs repairing by T.U.C.C.


Who We Are

Based on 73 members and participants, the age breakdown of the congregation >is as follows:

1 - 20 19%
21-40 10%
41-60 14
61-80 57%

In 1977, the congregation of MEUC established a covenant (Appendix III) that has not changed.  We are a warm, friendly, caring community of believers.  Although ethnically diverse as reflected in the community, there is a strong feeling of kinship and family among members and adherents.  Our 11:00 a.m. Sunday service attendance averages 45-50 at our regular service. Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month and attracts a greater attendance, as do special events and "special days". A professionally trained musician and choir director leads a choir of eleven members that enhances worship with their varied and sometimes upbeat musical style. A visitation team made up of members is in place.

There is now a Jr. Choir of seven.

Christian Education

Christian nurture for us is a high priority and as such, Bible study is conducted usually during the Lenten season.  Volunteers from the congregation hold Sunday school classes regularly.  The fluctuation in attendance in this area of activity presents a challenge.


The affairs of the congregation are administered by two core groups (Finance & Property [F&P] and Worship & Education and Pastoral Care [WE&PC]).  F&P maintains responsibility for building maintenance, tenants and finance.  WE&PC maintains responsibility for Communion, Ministry, music and worship.  Additionally, members of both groups form the Official Board of MEUC.

Volunteer members of the church provide administrative assistance two or three times per week and check for voice mail messages regularly.  Volunteers also update the new Website, which was created in January, 2012. 

This practice will continue.  Should we experience a large increase in membership in the future, regularized secretarial services will be required; however, this will be addressed at that point.

Vision of MEUC

MEUC's vision is to serve the community spiritually and socially.

For the congregation of MEUC, participating in the act of worship is the central purpose and highest priority of the church.  Outreach to the larger community is a significant priority and is at the very core of our existence.  As such, our outreach has to be intentional in nature.  Our intention is to continue to reach out to the existing community and to welcome future residents.

Malvern Emmanuel United Church is our spiritual home where we care for each other and strive to live out our Christian lives.  In doing so, we have a desire for greater outreach.  We will continue to look for opportunities to extend our hospitality to newcomers, thereby increasing both membership and attendance.

-        An opportunity to encourage contemporary style of worship and attract young people.

-        Sharing events, especially youth events with neighbourhood churches in the community.

-         Intensifying our visitation program, especially to include absentee members.

-        Provide in whatever way we can, services to seniors and youth, not covered by existing specialized agencies, e.g. music, crafts, indoor activities, child care etc.

We believe religious and social activities need to be seen as two parts of the same ministry. Therefore, the church will continue to be an integral and essential part of the Malvern community.

In September of 2011 members filled in a survey to gather general information and to find out how the congregation feels about MEUC and to see what direction it would like MEUC to take.  The majority of the members/participants want MEUC to continue and to grow.

In the fall of 2011 members handed out pamphlets to residents with information about MEUC and inviting them to our church. (Appendix IV)

In January 2012 the new website was formed for MEUC ( and in March 2012 MEUC signed up on Facebook.

The Journey

Our congregation recognizes the challenge to exercise a more intentional outreach ministry within our community. In order to achieve this and to maintain our existence, we realize we must journey with other areas of the United Church, i.e. Presbytery, as well as other faith groups and community agencies.


Human Resources

MEUC has a very dedicated core membership in which there are many capable and willing leaders and participants.

When Rev. Elias left he took some long-time MEUC members with him.  However, over the last year there has been an increase of new members. 

MEUC’s staff currently consists of a Supply Minister and a Music Director.

Financial Resources

The major sources of income for MEUC are from offerings, rental fees and fundraising activities.

The offerings currently come from 41 regular envelope users. (See breakdown below)


Number of Envelope Users

% of Offerings












Malvern -Emmanuel's finances are impacted whenever any regular envelope user, especially in the first category, leaves.

Rental income accounts for 52% of the budget.  One of the major tenants plans to eventually acquire their own facilities. Their departure will also have a major impact on our finances.  Recognizing this, the Finance & Property and II groups are looking for and are following up on potential new tenants.

In order to survive financially and to also be an effective witness in the community, MEUC must increase the membership of its congregation.  As already indicated, plans have been discussed by the MEUC members of the JNAC and Finance & Property and Worship & Education and Pastoral Care groups to address this.


MEUC has no outstanding loans.

Other Funds

$2,614 was remitted to the Mission and Service Fund.

The Memorial Fund had a balance of $1,626.






















Fundraising & Other Income






Total Income






























Music Director












Total Salaries & Benefits






Hydro & Heat






Local Congregational Management






Mission&Service Funds Remittances






Total Operating Expenses












Net Cash - Income minus Expenses




$ 5,150


*2010 - Minister left halfway through the year.



Skills Profile

We are seeking a candidate with an expertise in congregational development, a person who will work with us to enable us to grow in stature as a church in the community and provide outreach and spiritual opportunities to those who live close by.  We are seeking a candidate who can relate the words of scripture in today's voice and walk with us as we discern God's will for the direction of MEUC in 2006 and beyond.

Position Outline:


Worship preparation:  preaching, worship leadership

10 hours per week


Pastoral Care: visitation and counselling

3 hours per week


Congregational development

3 hours per week


Bible studypreparation and leadership

3 hours per week


Meetings: Presbytery and Board

1 hour per week



We understand that these hours may fluctuate as needs arise.


The MEUC members of the Joint Needs Assessment Committee believe there is potential to increase the membership of Malvern Emmanuel United Church and continue to be an effective witness in the community. There is commitment and enthusiasm within the F&P and WE&PC groups who have discussed plans to achieve this goal. With the guidance and leadership of the new minister, we believe we will have the elements to make this a reality, therefore we recommend the following:

That we request Toronto Southeast Presbytery to declare a half-time (20 hours per week) position of Word, Sacrament, & Pastoral Care, at Malvern- Emmanuel United Church effective July 1, 2012.

That the joint needs assessment committee be dissolved and the members thanked for their work.

That a joint search committee be formed to continue the process of finding a
new minister for Malvern Emmanuel United Church.


Appendix III

Malvern Emmanuel United Church Covenant

We believe that we are called by Christ to be a community of faith, in the Malvern community as:

- People united by a common vision;

- People brought together from diverse national and ethnic heritages

with varied religious traditions;

      - People open to include others who are not part of this community of

We are called by Christ,

To celebrate God's presence and actions in the past, in the future, and in the present, worshipping God as the gathered community;

To nurture people of all ages so that they may grow in grace and

To share God's gifts of ourselves, our talents, our time, and our riches with each other in joy and concern so that we may be a fellowship of believers;

To care about God's world and all of its people by the loving word and the deed of faith;

We acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ over our individual and Community life therefore, we are continuing to discover what Christ's Lordship means for us now and in the days to come.

We celebrate our relatedness to all people of good will, to all Christians of various heritages, and to all other United Church people.

We are open to God's changing directions for our church community's life and welcome the addition of other people who choose to grow in faith with us.