Marriage and Wedding


Christian Marriage

We know our human relationship to be one of the gifts of God.  We affirm this gift and give thanks to God for it.  All of our relationships, our most public and communal and our most personal and intimate are informed and nurtured in our faith values.  We understand that these values call us into relationships that are just, generous, respectful, mutual, and nourishing.  As Christians we see these expressed most fully in the life and being of Jesus the Christ, who teaches that we love one another as God loves us.  In our most intimate relationship with a chosen partner we benefit from rituals that allow us to publicly profess our love for the other, entering into a covenant with each other, and with God, to live in love, with God as our helper.  In the presence of God, and with those assembled, we commit ourselves to live in a relationship that sustains and nurtures both people and that is marked by mutual respect and honour, shared goals and values, interests and commitment.


Christian Wedding

A Christian wedding includes a profession of love, belief in God, and the signing of a legally binding contract under the laws of the Province.  A Service of Covenanting is similar though does not include a marriage license and is not legally binding.  Both are celebrated in a service of worship in which the couple asks God’s blessing and seeks the support and care of those assembled.  The commitments are entered into with the hope of being life-long.  Declarations are spoken and the couple exchanges vows and symbols of their vows.  The services include prayers, readings, and acts of thanksgiving.


Preparation for Wedding

a)      A marrying couple is required to contact the minister and make an appointment for an interview, possibly one year or six months prior to the ceremony.

b)      The couple requires the appropriate marriage license from the Province of Ontario. It should be presented to the minister at the second planning meeting.

c)      The second planning meeting – The minister and couples finalize the order of the wedding ceremony, vows, music, etc.


d)      The couple is advised to discuss music with the Director of Music at least one month prior to the ceremony. Special music must be presented to and approved by the Director of Music at least one month prior to the ceremony.  This is not necessary if the couple ask their family members, friends and professionals to be soloists and accompanying.


e)      The Rehearsal – Usually, the couple, their families and friends, the musicians gather and do the rehearsal with the minister a day before the ceremony.


Schedule of Fees

To Malvern Emmanuel United Church $300.00

To the Minister $250.00

To the Organist (Ceremony) $150.00