Malvern Emmanuel United Church Outreach

MEUC's vision is to serve the community spiritually and socially.

Outreach to the larger community is a significant priority and is at the very core of our existence.  As such, our outreach has to be intentional in nature. Our intention is to continue to reach out to the existing community and to welcome future residents.

Malvern Emmanuel United Church is our spiritual home where we care for each other and strive to live out our Christian lives.  In doing so, we have a desire for greater outreach.  We will continue to look for opportunities to extend our hospitality to newcomers, thereby increasing both membership and attendance.


-          An opportunity to encourage contemporary style of worship and attract young people.

-          Sharing events, especially youth events with neighbourhood churches in the community.

-          Intensifying our visitation program, especially to include absentee members.

-          Provide in whatever way we can, services to seniors and youth, not covered by existing specialized agencies, e.g. music, crafts, indoor activities, child care etc.

We believe religious and social activities need to be seen as two parts of the same ministry. Therefore, the church will continue to be an integral and essential part of the Malvern community.